Players enjoy immersive services in World of Warcraft

  • Ultima Online creator Richard Garriott has praised hit MMO World of Warcraft for expanding the viewers for on the internet - and thereby boosting sales of other games inside genre.

    Speaking in a interview with Garriott said, "We commonly obtain the WOW Classic Gold For Sale question, is World of Warcraft a huge competitor that will hurt our sales? It really happens to be quite the opposite.

    "In the truth of the MMO genre, when folks sign on to experience one of these games - while it's true that they normally only play one, maybe two at the most, no person plays any particular MMO for more than a year."

    Garriott is the most suitable known for developing the Ultima group of videogames, which included Ultima Online - seen by some because the world's first true MMO. He sold this company he founded, Origin Systems, to Electronic Arts in 1992 and later on joined NCsoft, where they are currently taking care of MMORPG Tabula Rasa.

    "Ultima Online continues to have hundreds of thousands of players exactly like it did gets hotter launched. But the ones playing today have very little overlap while using ones who played it in 2009, or perhaps the year before that," Garriott explained.

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    "What's happened would be the majority of those players are looking for other things to experience and have shifted to EverQuest, or World of Warcraft, etc... Similarly, individuals that World of Warcraft brought into on-line have been churning out, and have become looking for other styles of online entertainment.

    "So we're very excited - truly, honestly - to find out Cheap WOW Classic Gold any successful massively multiplayer sport," Garriott concluded. "World of Warcraft is doing us an incredible service."