We are trying to OSRS gold have as many

  • We are trying to OSRS gold have as many people as who wanted or possibly could play that content to play that content. A few of those pieces of content have monetisation attached to that, and in that they will engage for some.

    We made the choice, last week. While we are still going to bring diversity into weapons in the future (see the'What's the Plan?' Section), the project that was tested over the past month was cancelled.

    We have not taken the decision lightly, especially as Weapon Diversity had been due - for a while - to be a summer launch that would provide you something new to play after The Land Out of Time, and bringing diversity to weapons would be a real blessing to runescape.

    What happened? We issues and came together to go Buy Runescape gold over the opinions. If you've been enjoying the Beta, these should hopefully feel familiar: The predominant impression was that the consequences weren't chunky or transformative enough.

    Runescape players expected utility benefits, much like the strikes of halberds. This meant there wasn't actually much differentiation between weapons, and many runescape players would just opt for the weapon with the optimal DPS modifier.