I suspect a bit of the Temtem Pansun

  • I suspect a bit of the Temtem Pansun taste behind the story is missing in translation.I don't really care for the grindy nature of the gameplay. Though, this also I suspect is a culture difference. In Korea were filled with people once I lived there, milling away on other modern games along with Lineage the PC bangs. I suspect until I've given a go the PvP will be interesting and'm withholding any opinions.

    That is not to say there aren't aspects of this sport that I do like up to now. I enjoy the Asian sense of aesthetics in regards to assets, as I've mentioned earlier. The style appeals to me personally, and I've found over the years that a lot of Eastern games comprise color palettes that are well suited to landscapes. Like others in precisely the exact same vein, Astellia Online is an extremely pretty match.

    Is that the stellas themselves. They're super cute and that I could see people that are into that type of thing liking this game a lot, although I'm not certain whether it's sufficient to push the match mainstream. Additionally, I discovered the stellas that I unlocked at the beta were hilarious. Sound bites and their interactions had me laughing out loud several times while enjoying the game.

    I guess that there and I believe that they'll find Temtem Pansuns themselves rewarding in the area. The question in my head is whether they could capture and that is where they'll find their challenge and possible success.