The equilibrium team is PoE goods

  • The equilibrium team is PoE goods off the hook. Just kidding! The balance team is not off the hook.With all subsequent planning and this we want to recommend the POE Planner webpage. Here you have the opportunity but your desired equipment, as well as the effect of various auras on your concerns.

    There are 6 Ascendancy categories: Raider, Berserker, Slayer, Gladiator, Champion and Juggernaut. To make our decision easier, let's take a good look at each of them: simple frenzy charge generation, phasing and dodge - disadvantages: beginning point far from the talent tree's strength component.

    Tank, really powerful thanks to Fortify - a few talents more for team play. Very good block talent, bleeding damage. Survival is ensured by high damage from critical hits, Life Leech. Greater attack and movement speed, life and mana leech, can raise dealt harm at the expense of incoming damage.

    High armament values, high movement speed, is poe buy currency based greatly on endurance charges.Since our character should be designed very aggressively and we also want to begin in the strength component of the tree, this limits our choice to slayer, gladiator and berserk. Finally, we pick the slayer because the duelist is at the middle of the strength talents and his abilities provide us high harm in connection with strong defense (life leech).