Late last night, there was a decision made

  • Late last night, there was a decision made we needed to gate all of the Franchise Online manners to stop all of the Madden servers from locking up, which mut coins madden 20 would have impacted all game modes. Currently Franchise Online modes will probably be offline till further notice. The two Offline Franchise and QB1 are available to play. Please know that this is the top priority for the Franchise Team to fix at this time. Our teams are actively working throughout the three day weekend to discover a solution and get online Franchise styles back online.

    Any time an whole mode doesn't function, fans have every right to be upset. Sports games nowadays are so advanced and deliver so much more than most of them used to years past, fans rightfully expect more from the most recent titles. Social media helps to augment the heat which every product and individual receives from any business.

    Nevertheless, all things considered, EA is currently handling this. NBA 2K lovers have pleaded with the writer of the sport to be transparent with their own communication. One of the most frustrating feature of 2K's battles has been the absence of communication and definitive sources for information. Madden's team has clear voices locally. Regrettably is not what fans want to hear. If this issue with OF is resolved in a reasonable time frame, most of the negativity around the issue will fade. EA's transparency might be appreciated.

    It all could be a shame. All things considered, curses can not be real, right? It is merely coincidence or an unusual confluence of events at a league and sport where injuries are all too common. There's no way the Madden Curse -- if a player appears on the cover of Madden, then ends up cheap Madden 20 coins hurt or his production drops the subsequent season -- is anything other than happenstance. And... for each Calvin Johnson, who set a NFL record with 1,964 receiving yards in his cover season of 2012, there is a Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis or Troy Polamalu.