When one goes down it will be rs3

  • Your joking right? If RuneScape is going to shut down RS gold is gonna go offline as it doesn't make as much cash and MTX will ramp up on rs3 until it expires you men forget which game actually makes jagex money.We clearly dont know the specific numbers, however osrs currently averages 3x the runescape playerbase of rs3, meaning osrs brings in about 3x as much cash in membership money. I dont believe the rs3 runescape participant pays for this game over 33 $ per month.

    It does not create as much MTX money, but does not OSRS have like 3/4 that the runescape player base? That would be a enormous subscription fee loss for Jagex.MTX composed barely 25% of their total revenue in 2018, and dropped from 2017. This figure is for ALL MTX, therefore this includes OSRS bond earnings. I think RS3 runescape players like to think that RS3 MTX is the lifeblood of all Jagex, but frankly it is making a tiny fraction of the revenue at this time. OSRS is assuredly earning more money than RS3.

    Nah that is just wishful thinking, I really like rs3 but when one goes down it will be rs3. Based on who's in charge in the time Jagex might hold their tongues and realise membership provides them they'll start with little recolours then following the backlash they will hold off for a year or so.I'm amazed I do not find this said again. The LTV difference between the of an RS3 runescape player compared to OSRS is"probably" enormous. Edited cause I do not really know, I haven't pored.

    Have not played runescape seriously in a couple of years but still pay to buy old school runescape gold for membership because I need people to feel the feeling of freedom and adventure, to osrs I did when I first started playing classic, and to support the progession. If any kind of mtx shows up I'm definitely going to cancel it. Irrespective of the despise, we still play for the exact same reason.