make sure you step away from PoE goods

  • Throughout long grinding periods, make sure you step away from PoE goods the computer every couple hours. Spend 30 minutes doing something that does not involve looking at a display.

    It's not that the end of the world if you die or don't get a Demi. I died twice at the Turmoil race. The next time was extremely disappointing because I was at the top five to my course at the moment, also this was the very first race I'd ever attempted to win. Both of those times I expired involved elderly mechanics, but I heard from my mistakes.

    In Mayhem, I made a dumb decision on day six and expired, but made another personality instantly and kept pushing. I had been in 2nd place for my course when this occurred.

    Was it hard to start over? Sure. It might have been easy to just mope around. But I decided to be proactive and keep pushing, and that I was lucky enough to finish fifth in the course I had died on, and created top five for the new class.

    Everyone's Path of Exile racing experience is different, but if you do your study, stay patient, and do not do anything too risky, you can win a Demi of your own. If I could do it, so do you.No, I am not talking about the dank crypts and black mausoleums I stalk through, clicking madly in my never ending quest for loot. I'm talking about the seemingly impenetrable shadow of sophistication that hangs over it, that feeling of complete confusion as another esoteric system is introduced with buy poe orbs no idea what it's for or how it will help my personality become stronger.