Welcome in the world of Runescape

  • Recent headlines clarify that in-game RuneScape gold farmers are promoting treasures for bitcoin to create a living. The company model started trending in China where gamers acquire in-game monies or items and after sell them to get"real money".

    In 2009 it was estimated that more than 1 million gold farmers were based out of China, but in-game gold farming also occurs all over the globe. Due to the secrecy, it is difficult to find an accurate figure on how much revenue gold farming brings , but it had been estimated to be approximately USD $300 million in 2008.

    Venezuelans playing with the game Runescape are aiming to buy RS gold kill as many green dragons as they can in order to collect 500,000 in-game gold which amounts to $0.50 worth of real money when sold. Most of the farming players are earning roughly $0.50 per hour Runescape that's supposedly a better wage than most from the country.

    Some Venezuelans can make up to $2-3 per hour if they have exceptionally good in-game skill sets and do not get banned from the moderators. These productive players may kill the boss Zulrah repeatedly and also make approximately 3M Runescape gold each hour. Venezuelans with this sum of in-game skill sets are earning more money than most professionals in the nation with college degrees.