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    India is increasingly warming up to using analytics in the healthcare industry. The Indian healthcare industry is expected to reach $280 billion by 2020 with the help of big data. It is no surprise that there are multiple MBA courses in Bangalore and across the country offering specializations in healthcare analytics. Here are a few skills you will need if you are interested in penetrating this growing market:

    Understanding of The Healthcare Industry
    The healthcare industry has complex and diverse medical data sets. Therefore Joe Mauer Twins Jersey , employers prefer to hire an analyst who has an understanding or background in the healthcare industry. Many pharmaceutical students opt to study healthcare analytics because they have a basic understanding of medicine and medical terminology.

    Good Data Model
    Analytics works with data and having a good data model is extremely important to succeed in this field. However, an analyst should know how to identify the right type of data they will need. For instance, for a hospital admission, you will need more than just general information like the patient's name and address. You will also need information about their insurance plan Tony Oliva Twins Jersey , clinical information about their disease, previous hospital admissions etc. All this data together will help you make a good data model.

    Proficiency in Data Analysis
    Definitely the most important aspect of being a healthcare analyst. As you progress in your career you will be expected to dive deep and derive insights from medical data sets. These kinds of insights can only be derived by someone who understands data analysis. Therefore, it's important that you enrol in a course that teaches data analysis in depth.

    Healthcare analytics is in its emergent stage in India, therefore Paul Molitor Twins Jersey , there is a huge shortage of skilled professional. Take advantage of the poised growth in the future by preparing yourself now.