Four best MLBs in Franchise Mode in Madden 20 Ratings


    Despite all the new features Madden 20 will boast when it hits the shelves on 2 August (or 25 July for those with EA Access), nothing can change the fact that a good middle linebacker position is a key to victory.


    The middle linebacker position is always one of the most important positions, in any teams defense. Whether you are playing a 4-3 or 3-4, the MLB will always be a centerpiece, relied on for picks and big hits.


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    EA dropped all the ratings recently, for you to plan your Super Bowl winning roster. Those with quality under center can complete for the Super Bowl, while those without are simply looking to secure the next great passer.


    With several middle linebackers not performing as expected last year, who will make the top 4?


    Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks (99 OVR)

    Age: 29

    • Best Stats:

    Awareness (99), Tackle (99), Play Recognition (99), Pursuit (99), Hit Power (98), Injury (98), Stamina (97), Jumping (92), Block Shedding (92), Impact Blocking (90)


    Bobby Wagner is one of the greatest MLBs in history. He was making over 900 career tackles, 5 Pro Bowl appearances and winning a Super Bowl. Last year was a massive year for the 29-year-old as he scored his first defensive touchdown, showing the league he wasn’t just a big hitter.


    Wagner is an elite and all-round defender and is potentially the complete linebacker in the game, with his extraordinary play recognition (99) and awareness (99). Wagner is devastating against the run, dominant in pass coverage and is the game’s best pass-rushing linebacker.


    He is, without a doubt, the best tackler in the NFL and Madden. Wagner doesn’t miss tackles either, as he’s only missed 13 over the last three seasons, earning the exceptional sack (99) rating.


    Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers (98 OVR)

    Age: 28

    • Best Stats:

    Awareness (99), Play Recognition (99), Stamina (99), Pursuit (97), Tackle (96), Hit Power (94), Impact Blocking (91), Jumping (90)


    Making almost 950 career tackles, 16 interceptions and 6 Pro Bowl appearances, gives Luke Kuechly a deserved 98 OVR. Last year, Madden gifted him the All-Star 99 rating, perhaps he should still have it.


    Luke is still the best player in the Panthers defense and has been for many years now. Last year he had an awe-inspiring season, completing 130 tackles, two sacks, and one interception. Unfortunately, the Panthers had a poor season. However, he still picked up the Pro Bowl appearance, for the 6th straight year.


    Physically, Kuechly is a beast, the highest stamina (99) and quality jumping (90). His play recognition (99) is second to none, and so is his awareness (99). There isn’t much to separate him and Wagner in terms of statistics; however, being 6’3, it is a massive advantage when competing in the air.


    Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (90 OVR)

    Age: 29

    • Best Stats:

    Injury (97), Stamina (97), Awareness (92), Pursuit (92), Tackle (91), Acceleration (90), Play Recognition (88)


    Another member of the 2012 draft class, Lavonte David is a way off Wagner and Kuechly, with his 90 OVR. However, with 884 career tackles and 120 last year, with 3.5 sacks, he isn’t too far off in terms of stats. His main achievement was the Pro Bowl in 2015; however, in the past few years, the Buccaneers have been sick, which has led to a less flattering career.


    The first stat you notice is the acceleration (90) being so high. It is a tremendous asset to have pace in the linebacker position. The awareness (92) and pursuit (92) are useful and make David a very versatile MLB in Madden 20. Lavonte’s tackle (91) is quality and means he is a massive asset to any defensive set up.


    Deion Jones, Atlanta Falcons (90 OVR)

    Age: 24

    • Best Stats:

    Acceleration (91), Speed (90), Awareness (90), Tackle (89), Pursuit (89), Agility (88), Play Recognition (88)


    Deion Jones is one of the younger players on this list. More of a ball playing MLB, only making 53 tackles last season and two interceptions. Probably his worst season to date, however, he only played six games because of injury. His one Pro Bowl appearance in 2017 has to be a career highlight and only 24 years old, about to start his 4th season. He seems like a great player to build your roster around on Franchise Mode.


    The agility (88) of the young linebacker reaches out, as well as his acceleration (91), speed (90) and awareness (90), making him a useful asset in the MLB position. With a strong tackle (89) and pursuit (89), he seems very strong against the run.